About WildMind

In this fast-phasing world, we are disconnecting from nature day by day while running after so-called modern luxuries and traditional goals or responsibilities. We intentionally or unintentionally ignore the nature around us. Current research has demonstrated a wide array of psychological and physiological benefits aligned with spending time in nature, significantly improving the immune system and blood circulation, positive mood and overall life satisfaction, and reducing cardiovascular problems, stress, anxiety, and depression. Nature offers its own gifts for us to thrive in our lives more peacefully and vitally than anything else can offer.

WildMind mission is to reconnect people with nature and help them to improve health and wellbeing by offering nature-connected interactive programs for individuals and groups. All the programs are well-designed to improve mental and physical wellbeing and bring vital balance and joy to life. And also promotes slow living and sustainability concepts to live a balanced and meaningful life by slowing down things and appreciating both the world around us and what we have.

"The future will belong to the nature-smarts. Those individuals, families, businesses, political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balanced the virtual with real. The more high tech we become, more nature we need"

Last child in the wood - Saving our children from Nature deficit disorder

Founder of WildMind
Saumya Rathnayake

I come from the beautiful island Sri Lanka, a sunny and warm part of the world, but I currently reside in Estonia, northeast Europe, where you feel the cold in your bones during the beautiful winter months. Even though I expose to the mesmerizing four seasons here, since my childhood was filled with so many fascinating memories of tropical nature, my love for tropical nature has never been apart from my heart.

As a part of growing up, I also joined the typical modern race of succeeding in education and carrier during my late teen and twenties. So, I moved to the city, graduated in mass communication, started my first career as a journalist, and then a few years later as a copywriter. For more than 10 years, I lost my connection with nature and addicted to the city luxuries and focused only on the outer success of life. I came to the understanding that it wasn’t the life I was longing for. So, I decided to resign from my corporate job and move to another country for higher education in a completely different field, something that can bring back my values and inner balance to life.

In 2019 I moved to Estonia, a small country in the Baltic, and started my master’s education in Spa & wellness service design management at Tartu university. During my first month in this country, my Airbnb host guided me to her countryside village, and every weekend we hiked through many nature trails in southwest Estonia. I was amazed by all the deep blue bog lakes and lush green forests filled with tasty berries.

Meanwhile, my university studies also inspired me in many ways, and I started feeling like myself again. I learned about wellness practices around the world, and once I heard a Japanese term called Shinrin Yoku, which was totally new to me. As I learned more about Shinrin Yoku, aka Forest bathing and became interested in it. I did not stop there, joined extra study programs in forest bathing and wild food foraging to satisfy my nature wellness interests. Then joining a friend, we practiced forest bathing and offered our friends and loved ones to experience it. That’s how I started my nature wellness journey, and hopefully, I will not stop there, longing to continue further studies soon. My endless passion for nature, health and wellbeing, slow living, and sustainability keeps me engaged in creating ways to offer something important to today’s society to reconnect people with nature for their wellbeing.

Hope you may find something important to your life in my services or blog articles.


'' Life gets a lot more better when you connect with nature than anything else."