Nature based art therapy

Nature based art therapy

Nature is an art itself and also a therapist. We promote creating arts in nature to improve creativity & attention and reduce stress & anxiety. Several scientific studies have shown that engaging with artistic practice in nature contributes to happiness and overall health and wellbeing. It’s also a fun and engaging way to be close to nature.

Our art therapy programs are open for all ages, and we organize in different urban green spaces during all four seasons. We mainly promote creating mandala arts to express various aspects of life. Nature mandala basically represents the non-permanency and the circles of life. This artsy activity allows you to focus more on nature’s patterns, shapes, and colors.

We also organize wild wreath-making workshops in wildflower meadows during spring and stone painting workshops on beaches.

We have another indoor artsy activity, pressed flower art-making workshops, to keep engaging with nature elements during wintertimes.


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